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The Circle is a Community Interest Company with a More Than Profit® ethos. Since its launch in 2016 in Dundee, Scotland, it has been dedicated to using its profits to fund positive social change. With hubs across Scotland, The Circle offers flexible and supportive workspaces to socially-minded organizations in Dundee and Glasgow, providing fair rent and a platform for inspiring change.

Are you looking to join a community that offers more than just a workspace? Look no further than The Circle! Here are some key aspects you should know about:


1. The Circle Community: This provides affordable and flexible workspaces in Dundee and Glasgow, where you can work alongside like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a positive impact.


2. The Circle Consultancy: Their team of experts offers tailored business advice, bespoke training, and networking opportunities to help you grow your business.


3. The Circle Academy: Their SCQF-accredited business training program is designed for social entrepreneurs and businesses with a More Than Profit® ethos, helping you develop the skills you need to succeed.


4. Recognition: The Circle are proud to be named on the NatWest SE100 list, a prestigious ranking of the UK's top 100 social enterprises, for three years in a row. And our Founder and CEO, Kirsty Thomson, has been recognized in the NatWest Wise100 2022.


The Circle is all about creating a vibrant, enterprising, and sustainable community with improved quality of life. We offer a facility for charities, social enterprises, and socially responsible commercial businesses to access various resources and opportunities. So why not join them and bring your social aspirations to life?

Given this information, Planning Services UK has chosen this location for their headquarters due to several factors:

- Community and Social Impact Focus: The Circle's ethos aligns with organizations looking to contribute positively to society and the environment.
- Supportive Environment: The Circle offers a supportive workspace with access to business advice, training, and networking, which can be beneficial for a growing company.
- Recognition and Prestige: Being associated with a well-recognized and respected organization like The Circle can enhance a company's reputation.
- Location: Glasgow, provides a strategic location for businesses looking to have a presence in Scotland.

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